Prez Sez Nov 2021

I know it has been a while since the last newsletter, sorry about that. I’ve had life getting in the way here these past months (Kids, New House, moving, etc). We all are on the go and the kids are back in school. We need to take time out of our busy schedules to relax and remember why we work so hard during the year. Flying has been fantastic at both Baugher and Spiegel Fields and the lawn crew has been superb. The weather has been mild and the wind has been relatively low and many familiar faces have returned to the flying field.
We added approximately 3 new members and wel-comed back 2 former members. I’d say that is pretty darn cool. Spiegel Field has had the road repaired and widened, so it should be much easier to get cars up the road, and Baugher Field’s road was also repaired— big thanks to John Chamber-lain. We’ve also had a few guests out at the field including Bub Reese demonstrating his control line skills and Brenden McCormick with Gator-RC/Just Plane Crazy hanging out and flying with us. Additionally Leo and Mike Hornbaker form Pegasus RC in Hagerstown came down to fly with us at Baugher Field. This year’s activities have been quite eventful.
Nuf said.

Oct 2020

To all,
We are coming down to the end of the flying season, except the all season flyers, and we have only one Fun-fly left scheduled for October 11th at Speigel Field. I would like to say I am Pleased with the participation at both Fun-flys and the meetings. Being a club of thirty plus we have had between 15 and 20 members at the Fun-flys as well as several guests. Meetings have also been attended well with about half the members attending. Keep up the good work, it is your club.
I think I have posted this before but I shall repeat myself anyway. It was voted on at the last meeting that we will forgo the Christmas award dinner this year due to the Covid concerns. The award part will be presented at the January meeting.  We will have a Flea Market in February. What it will look like is fluid and depends on conditions at the time.
We have also come to the time of year to choose next years’ officers. Nominations will be presented at the October meeting and the election will be held in November. Election Day, fitting wouldn’t you say. Having said this I also would like to say that I will be stepping down as President. I have lost count but I have held the Office nine or ten years out of the last thirteen and I feel it is time to hand the gavel to someone else. Think about who you would like to nominate, you can even nominate yourself. As I said before, it is your club.
See you at the fields,

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Presidents message April 2018

To all,
First, three reminders, the next meeting is Tuesday (this coming Tuesday) May 1st 7:30 PM at the VFW upstairs,  our first Fun-fly of the year is next Sunday May 6th at Spiegel Field.  Looks like we should have excellent weather, if you think we can believe the weather forecast, and we have a control line Fly-in on Saturday May 19th.

In the past few weeks we had our work days at the fields.  Both fields are in great shape and open for business.  I want to thank all that showed up to help with whatever the task.  I also would like to make a special mention to the crew that tackled the painting of the shed at Baugher Field.  The previous Saturday Bob Allen replaced one of the wall panels that had a hole from the outhouse being blow over.  The Wednesday before Steve Hare and I did a scrub down to get the dirt and mold off the siding.  Saturday the caulking and painting was done by Pat C, Bryan N., Ron O, and Dave S..  This crew was a painting machine and made short work of the project.  Thanks to every ones effort the shed looks brand new.

We have decided on one more project for Baugher Field and this is to lay a paving stone deck under the canopy.  Pat has contacted a company near Hanover, PA that has a sale between May 14th and the 25th so persons TBD will go and purchase the blocks sometime during the sale and Jim Christensen has offered his flatbed trailer to do the hauling.  More on this later.

Looks like the weather is finally going to turn for the better so get your equipment in order and come on out to the field and fly.

See you at the field,