Oct 2020

To all,
We are coming down to the end of the flying season, except the all season flyers, and we have only one Fun-fly left scheduled for October 11th at Speigel Field. I would like to say I am Pleased with the participation at both Fun-flys and the meetings. Being a club of thirty plus we have had between 15 and 20 members at the Fun-flys as well as several guests. Meetings have also been attended well with about half the members attending. Keep up the good work, it is your club.
I think I have posted this before but I shall repeat myself anyway. It was voted on at the last meeting that we will forgo the Christmas award dinner this year due to the Covid concerns. The award part will be presented at the January meeting.  We will have a Flea Market in February. What it will look like is fluid and depends on conditions at the time.
We have also come to the time of year to choose next years’ officers. Nominations will be presented at the October meeting and the election will be held in November. Election Day, fitting wouldn’t you say. Having said this I also would like to say that I will be stepping down as President. I have lost count but I have held the Office nine or ten years out of the last thirteen and I feel it is time to hand the gavel to someone else. Think about who you would like to nominate, you can even nominate yourself. As I said before, it is your club.
See you at the fields,